Hello and welcome to the pilot release of The Space Between! You can start reading here.

This release contains the first 3 chapters of a longer story. The Space Between is an ongoing, online, free graphic novel, set in a distant future where mankind has colonised an empty galaxy and human affairs are regulated from above by the authoritarian Mission. The story follows the officers of a Fleet Service asset, tasked with protecting the stated aims of the Mission as they struggle to reconcile their orders and beliefs with the reality of the world closing in around them.

The aim is to deliver a hefty dose of science fiction and character drama, seasoned with a dash of political intrigue, conflict, disaster, betrayal and commentary on the good old human condition.

I realise this project will be an acquired taste. It’s a niche genre and the art and the writing sometimes fall short of what they need to be. But every so often I think it manages to hit the mark and I’m excited about the prospect of delivering more. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and read so far, please drop a comment and let me know your thoughts. Constructive feedback and advice is also most welcome, as this is the first webcomic I’ve worked on. If there’s an audience, there’s a lot more of this waiting to be drawn, with a new chapter to be released every 5-6 months.


– Mark