Chapter 9 is up. Small warning – there’s some (mild and hopefully fairly inoffensive) nudity towards the end. The leave period is turning out be a lot longer than it looked in the script, but things will get back into space soon, I promise.


This has been another tricky chapter to work on and has taken longer than I expected given the number of pages. I hope it’s turned out alright in the end. Trying to present a plausible flow of arguments in the court room scene without it becoming too tedious was a challenge. So was handling the various states of undress in the last 2 pages. I hope I found a tasteful balance. I don’t know how weird page 10 is going to seem to people, but it seemed like a fun idea to play around with. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

There’s some interesting parallels to the first chapter in this one as well. My favourite scene to write and draw was Jyoti’s extra piece of backstory – no prizes for guessing what industry I work in.

I could ramble on but I’ll keep this short. Releases make me incredibly nervous. Thanks for reading.