Chapter 12 is up.


I had originally planned this to be a short 5-page bridge to the next chapter. But somewhere along the way, after adding scenes to improve flow, or just interactions that I found interesting, it ended up closer to the length of a normal chapter! After the usual pre-release worries, it’s taken me a while to hit publish on this one. I know there’s stuff that I’ll end up going back to edit in a year or so.

Whilst trying to write background elements into a sci-fi setting, I’m humbled by how hard to is to comprehend what a profound shift they would create in society and human consciousness. Each one alone could be the focus of an entirely separate story. But for science fiction to be comprehensible it needs strong attachments to the world we understand, and I think it’s too much for both the author and the audience to take on several of these paradigm-changing technologies and their complex interactions at once. I’ve just brushed past a couple in this chapter, but they gave me pause for thought.

Off to work on Chapter 13!