It’s that time of the year where I go back and pick a chapter to retouch. I’ve just started looking at Chapter 3 – a chapter I thought I’d fixed up in 2015. I was wrong. 🙁
Here’s the progression of an example panel over the last 5 years (plus an earlier character reference sketch):

I’ve been progressively increasing the saturation and contrast of the character art, in addition to using fewer, cleaner lines. It’s also amusing to note how Jaime’s hairline has recovered since 2013.

The original 2013 art is clearly an embarrassment, but somehow the me of 5 years ago thought it was suitable to upload it to the internet. I have a suspicion this was not just due to my inexperience but the unhappy state of mind I was in at the time. Unfortunately there is art that needs fixing in many newer chapters, and I released Chapter 17 knowing that there were many parts of it that will drive me crazy in years to come. 😀

It would be nice to plateau/stabilize on a style and quality at some point! But I guess I’ll just have to see how things go.