I’m currently working my way through chapter 5, page 10 of 14, which is not bad progress over a two and a half month period. Work and my private life are both quiet, which is freeing up more time and energy for drawing.

In terms of content, it’s nice to be getting now into some serious character background and to start explaining some of the situation present at the start of the story. Plus I get to work with a wider palette and some alternative wardrobes whilst the crew are in civvies, which is fun.

I know that the pace of updates here is slow and that I’ve made no effort to build an audience for this endeavour. I’m blindly focused on doing what I enjoy most, which is drawing, and ignoring everything else. I’ll keep going like this for a while, until I’m forced to change my ways (as usual!) For now the RSS feed is probably the best way to keep alerted of any updates. Please rest assured that even if things are quiet here, I certainly have no plans to quit.

Thanks for reading!