Chapter 5 is now up!


The recent series of spring bank holidays here in the UK have provided a great opportunity to get some real work done. The editing process has also gotten a lot easier since the pilot chapters, which needed many more passes and still didn’t end up in a state I was particularly happy with. Hopefully that’s practise paying off.

This chapter has had some of it’s own unique challenges. I’ve steered away from displaying any explicit nudity so far and whilst I’ve continued that approach here, there is one scene that manages to hit several taboos at once. After consideration I decided not to omit it as it’s relevant backstory, but I hope it doesn’t cause any offense.

There’s also a character roster on page zero, to help match names to recurring characters.

I know that the readership of this comic is in single figures, but I’m not too concerned yet as a) I hate self-promotion b) I’m scared of exposure and c) I’m enjoying the creative process plenty as it is. 🙂 I am however grateful to anyone who is sufficiently interested to come back and read a new chapter after these long periods of silence.

On to Chapter 6!