The first draft of Chapter 6 was finished last weekend. Chapter 6 will be the longest yet at 18 pages and Chapter 7 would be even longer, so I think it’s time to start sacrificing some elegant cliffhangers and start splitting up these longer chapters into more manageable lengths.

Alongside the second pass on Chapter 6 I’m slowly working my way back through the pilot chapters and correcting some anomalies. Joshua kindly provided a detailed list of textual errors that needed attention. Joshua, I don’t know if my return mail got through since I’ve got an unreliable relay system setup with that account and my gmail, but I wanted to say thanks again.

I was dreading a return to the early pages but, although parts of them are as bad as I feared, touching up the art has been kinda fun. It’s interesting to see where my process has tightened up and the stylistic improvements that have been made over the last year.

It’s baffling how many terrible bits of character art got released after so many edits and, like those dialogue errors, it’s always humbling to see just how poor we are at proof-reading our own material and how badly it can age. 🙂 There have been relatively few edits required on Chapter 6 though, so I hope to have it out in a couple of weeks.