So, Chapter 7 is done. These have been a difficult few pages to put together, as the scenes are low key, some of the subject matter is awkward and these character beats aren’t (yet) very relevant to the main plot. On the plus side, it has my favourite pair of panels drawn so far, one of which I nailed first time with no further edits required. Sometimes that just happens and it’s great.
Originally this was the first half of a more well rounded chapter, but I had to cut it down to a manageable size and shuffle some scenes around to make them fit the timeline better. Which means that a disproportionate amount of action and plot development is loaded into the next chapter. I hope this fairly short entry isn’t too offputting as a result.

Aside from struggling to get the tone right for this chapter, I’ve been haunted by the existing pages lurking in the background. When I finished these earlier in the year after so many edits, I thought that I had finally fixed the myriad problems that they had. But every time I look back I find that I was wrong and they’re still full of gaping, obvious flaws. How could I have been so wrong? I’m still struggling to get a grip on this peculiar phenomenon, and I’ll be trying to set some time aside in the coming months to fix up some of the worst offending pages.

For now, it’s time to stop worrying about this chapter and move on to the next, which I’m excited about. It’ll be back on course with the main plot, including a proper action scene and the beginning of a development for one of the main characters that will end very, very badly. I hope everyone is looking forward to a good 2015! Take care.