After some reflection, I’ve decided that I need to pick up the pace of releases. To accomplish this I’ve adopted a new process which will allow me to draw a chapter in minutes rather than months. I’ve since redrawn all of Chapter 15, which can now be seen in its entirety below.

Coming tomorrow: Chapters 16 and 17.

Or maybe I’m bored and I wanted a break from redrawing the awful art in Chapter 4. One of those two things. 🙂


The final part of Chapter 15 is available here.


This chapter has had its own unique challenges. A lot of time spent on the bridge, and a lot of data overlays and technical jargon (if it seems bad now, it was worse before the cuts!)

This marks the end of the third year of publishing this comic online. For the rest of December I plan to take a break from drawing new pages, to focus on the following tasks:

  • Trying to promote the comic online.
  • Tidying up existing chapters.
  • Script edits and prep work for Chapter 16.

I don’t know if I will run monthly updates for every chapter. They have their advantages and disadvantages. I know that I prefer frequent updates as a reader of other comics, but they do turn the process into more of a mechanical factory line.

There is going to be a gap before new content is available but I hope that readers will stick around now that the main plot is moving along. Things will only get worse from here!


Chapter 15.3 is available here.



Chapter 15.2 is available here.


I have also just discovered the ‘max-width’ CSS attribute. This should stop browsers upscaling the pages above their native 1600px width on large monitors, which results in ‘fuzzy’ images. Better late fixing this than never!


Whilst sketching out Chapter 15 I realised that it’s full of natural cliffhangers. So I thought that I might try releasing it in shorter chunks of 3-4 pages. The first 3 are available here.


The main plot is finally getting underway and by the end of this chapter, the crew will be in a lot of trouble!


Chapters 13 and 14 are up!


This release feels like it’s taken a long time to put together, but I did meet my self-imposed ‘July’ deadline. I broke this chapter down into two shorter parts after finding a natural break point in the middle. It’s been a challenge, with many functional scenes required to get things set up and convey the passage of time. But a lot of the setup will finally start paying off in the next few chapters, which I’m excited to get working on.

Lastly, I have recently switched to a different hosting provider for the site content. Let me know if there’s any trouble loading the images.

– Mark


For anyone who’s interested – I’m making progress on the next chapter but it’s taking ages! I don’t expect to have it ready for release until July.


Chapter 12 is up.


I had originally planned this to be a short 5-page bridge to the next chapter. But somewhere along the way, after adding scenes to improve flow, or just interactions that I found interesting, it ended up closer to the length of a normal chapter! After the usual pre-release worries, it’s taken me a while to hit publish on this one. I know there’s stuff that I’ll end up going back to edit in a year or so.

Whilst trying to write background elements into a sci-fi setting, I’m humbled by how hard to is to comprehend what a profound shift they would create in society and human consciousness. Each one alone could be the focus of an entirely separate story. But for science fiction to be comprehensible it needs strong attachments to the world we understand, and I think it’s too much for both the author and the audience to take on several of these paradigm-changing technologies and their complex interactions at once. I’ve just brushed past a couple in this chapter, but they gave me pause for thought.

Off to work on Chapter 13!


It’s a brand New Year, with the same old resolutions to break. 2015 was a mixed bag for me personally, so I’m hoping that 2016 will be a little better. For the comic, I’m finally done with the distraction of fixing up the art in Chapters 1-3. I expect this will be an ongoing challenge. Art (as one of my favourite sayings goes) is never finished, only ever abandoned.

As I’m working through Chapter 12, the setup for the main storyline is finally coming to an end, which means I can get stuck into the fun stuff. If you liked Chapter 3, there’s a lot more of that on the way, with much higher stakes involved. Conflict, betrayal and some shrinkage of the main cast list. Happy 2016 everyone! 🙂



Chapter 11 is up! The leave period has taken a lot longer than I expected, but we’re almost back off the ground.


I’ve also been taking time to go back and touch up some of the bad art in the first few chapters. I should be done with that by Christmas, and then it’s on to some exciting new stuff for 2016. I hope everyone has a good holiday season, and thanks for reading!